Indoor Soccer

Welcome to Our State-of-the-Art Indoor Soccer Field:
Step into the thrilling world of indoor soccer at The Solano Football Factory, where our top-quality turf field awaits you. Spanning 150 feet in length and 75 feet in width, with unique rounded corners, our field is designed for fast-paced and exciting soccer action. To ensure the best playing experience, we only allow turf shoes or flat-soled shoes - no cleats, please!

Playing Rules and Regulations:
- Team Format: Dive into our 6v6 league games, with 5 players and 1 goalkeeper on the field.
- Coed League Inclusion: For our Coed leagues, at least 2 women must be on the field at all times.
- Match Duration: Each game features two 23-minute halves, with a brief 2-minute intermission.

Our Diverse Soccer Programs:
- Men's Indoor Soccer Leagues: Compete in one of our three divisions. All new teams start in Division 3 and earn their way up. The top two teams ascend a division, while the bottom two descend.
- Division 1: Compete on Wednesday nights for a chance to win an $800 cash prize!
- Division 2: Play on Tuesday nights.
- Division 3: Thursday night matches.
- Coed Soccer: Join us every Monday night from 7 PM.
- Youth Indoor Leagues: Perfect for young athletes, available during summer and winter.

Joining Our Leagues:
Add your team to our leagues by reaching out to us at Be part of the action!

Player Equipment:
Players are expected to bring their own equipment. We also offer socks, shin guards, and apparel for purchase to get you game-ready. Teams must have matching uniforms. If your team need uniforms you can order custom uniforms by emailing us at

Special Events:
In 2023, we proudly hosted our first annual Christmas Tournament, featuring a grand $5000 cash prize!

Pricing and Membership:
- Team Fee: $800 per team.
- Annual Membership: A must-have for all players at just $35 per year.